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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a technique that deals directly with your body’s soft tissue. Over the years it has developed to address the specific conditions that the body experiences before and after it has been “pushed to the max”. It uses techniques such as NMT (neuromuscular technique), MET (muscle energy technique) and Soft Tissue Release.

When muscle tissue is injured, the fibres of the muscle can often misalign themselves while they are healing. The human body’s muscles are covered by a layer of connective tissue – or “fascia”. This fascia covers all individual muscles fibres, larger bundles of muscles and whole muscle groups. It is a continuous piece of tissue that covers the whole body and never stops growing.

Healthy, moving muscle is normally a soft, gel-like substance. But when muscle movement is restricted (such as in the case of postural misalignment or injury), tissue fluids are unable to reach the areas where they are needed to lubricate the fascia. Then the fascia hardens and scar tissue is formed, further trapping waste materials and toxins which leads to pain and dysfunction. The body then tries to remedy the situation by setting up a series of structural compensations which in turn leads to more problems and further pain.

Sports Massage is often used with remedial massage – which uses the same techniques – to aid the rehabilitation and healing of injuries and dysfunction and to facilitate movement.

So Sports Massage and Remedial Massage are just as relevant to an office worker, who could be crippled by an unsuitable desk, as they are to an Olympic sprinter suffering a torn hamstring!

I’m not at all sporty – is Sports Massage for me?

Quite possibly! Sports Massage is a no-nonsense technique that deals directly with your muscles. It is only called Sports Massage because it is a style of massage that is popular with sports people – and just like sports people, we all have our challenges, both physical and mental, so it is totally appropriate that our bodies are given the same quality of treatment!

So whether you’re a pregnant mum, a body builder or a desk-bound and stressed out office worker, Sports Massage is designed around your own specific needs. You will get a tailor-made session every time!

What conditions do you treat?

Listed below are just a few conditions that sports massage can help with:

What do I wear?

Some clients wear only light, stretchy underwear on their lower body, which is fine and a towel is used to cover the body at all times.

Does Sports Massage hurt?

Sports Massage can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but it’s only ever “good” pain, that you will know instinctively is doing you good. You are always in charge, however, so if you feel uncomfortable in any way then just say and I’ll try to take a different approach! Clients will often report that when having gone for massage treatment from another type of massage therapist, they found it  too light and not deep enough.  Although there is a place for this style of massage, it is not something my clients request very often. Of course if you want it lighter, then just say so – my aim is to give a sports massage you want, not a massage that is deemed “appropriate”.

It is common to feel a little soreness for a couple of days after a deep tissue massage. This is completely normal and shows that useful work has been done and that your body is healing, although if you’re worried in any way about how you feel after treatment then you can contact me with any questions you might have. Common advice after a sports massage includes warming the treated area with a hot water bottle or hot bath, drinking A LOT of water and undertaking gentle yet progressive stretching.

If you’re worried in any way about soreness, or have an important event coming up in the next day or two, then please mention this, as it really isn’t a problem to work around.

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